Thursday, September 22, 2016


I am reading Jinx by Sage Blackwood. My book is set in a magical forest with a path that goes through it. There are clearings where people live and different kingdoms. There are wizards, witches, and magical creatures like trolls, werewolves, werebears, ghouls, and more. They are in an old time, the people in the clearings (towns, villages) live in huts and they sometimes use swords.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

What's in an Inkblot

The article on inkblots was about how so people agree that inkblot tests are valuable and they show your true personality. On the other hand, three psychologists believe that they are seriously flawed and should not be used in court or the consulting room. Dr. Scott O. Lilienfeld, an associate professor of psychology, said, ''the research continues to suggest that they are not as useful for most purposes as many clinicians believe.'' It talks about how some people believe that it is not a sufficient way to determine if someone has a mental illness or things like that. Dr. Weiner said the tests ''have been used for a long time very effectively, with very good results and a great deal of scientific support." 
believe that they are not a good or correct way to determine the characteristics of a person. The test is very old and I believe that there is a better way to do it.

What would happen to you if you knew what people were thinking?

I think you would be overwhelmed and you probably wouldn't know how to control it. But, if you knew how to control it, it could help you but at the same time be a burden. If others knew they would most likely run test on you and study you. Since our society is scared of things we don't know, they might lock you up until they knew how you worked and how it happened to you.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Mrs. Rollinger's Class

I love reading fiction books about magic or adventures because I love traveling and they are very interesting to me. My favorite place to read is on my bed with the door closed or outside on my swing in the pasture.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Conflicts, Your Knowledge, and The Cliffhanger

          I think the movie is better the the book because there is more conflict between the characters, it is easier to understand and comprehend the movie, and the movie shows more of what happens in the end.
          My first reason why the movie is better than the book is because there is more conflict between characters in the movie. In the movie, Jonas actually shows Fiona the fun of sliding down a hill and explains to her what love is. On the other hand, in the book she just ignores him when he is talking about feelings and color and thinks it is a joke. The movie shows Jonas's love for Fiona and he actually tells her to stop taking her injections and kisses her. However, when in the book  they don't really talk much and she just thinks he is being weird. It also shows Asher, Fiona, and Jonas together and meeting up which shows how good of friends they are. Then Asher becomes separated from Jonas and is more of a villain that tries to stop Jonas from breaking the rules. Meanwhile, Fiona becomes closer to Jonas and helps him escape and finds out what emotion is. The book just shows their friend group as good friends that slip away from Jonas because he is different.
          My second reason is that it is easier to understand the movie because they explain more and you can see what they are talking about. For example, in the book they don't talk at all about the ruins or how they got there. Although, in the movie Jonas explains to us and shows us how they are separated from everything outside the edge and that their is more beyond the communities. Not only that but in the movie The Giver shows Jonas what music by playinjg the piano, while in the book he just gives him a memory. He also talks more about his daughter and shows Jonas her playing the piano. However, some people might argue that the book is easier to understand because it has more detail and description. But, studies show that you can understand things better when you see them.
          My final reasons is that the movie doesn't leave you on as much of a cliffhanger. The movie shows Fiona almost being released and the giver explaining to all the elders and the department of justice what love is. It shows Jonas's dad listening to The Giver and hearing what the world used to be like. It shows Jonas sliding through the barrier and releasing the memories and the community receiving the memories and the world turning colorful. While the book only explains Jonas sliding down the hill and seeing the Christmas house.
          In conclusion, I think the movie is better than the book because there is more conflict between the characters, you can comprehend the movie easier, and the movie dosen't have as much of a cliffhanger at the end.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

"Gift" of Memory

I told the readers about how there were people who never forgot anything. It would be awesome to have that but at the same time, horrible. I wonder if they are glad they have that "talent".

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Only Light You See Comes From Your TV Screen

The man only wanted his old life back so he did things that others didn't; even though he wasn't breaking the rule the took him to a mental hospital. If this starts happening in my lifetime, I would do what he did and be different. I wonder if this might happen or maybe something like it?

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

House of Love

Jonas finally made it to Elsewhere; he made it to the Christmas house that he saw in the memory and he heard the music and saw the lights. I like how Lois Lowry left the end for us to make up but at the same time I wish she would told us what happened. I wonder if she is going to make another book?